Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management : Aiming to construct sound material-cycle society and solve the problem with waste. People in various fields such as education, research, government, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, processing gathered to JSMCWM and will continue to play a leading role for the resolution of the waste issue with the formation of a sound material-cycle society.Sincerely looking forward your participation.

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Call for Papers to present at the Annual Conference
– Submission deadline postponed! –

We are pleased to announce the annual conference is held at Nagoya University in September and call for papers to present at the conference.

Please click the URL below to get the latest flyer.


[Nagoya University]

[Submission and Registration for International Session]
29th_call_for papers    29th Abstract format


NEWS LETTER 90 has been issued on May 11, 2018

Sorry we have kept you waiting for a long time.  NEWS LETTER No.90 has been just issued!  Please visit the page of ” Newsletters ” and click the icon to read it.



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