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The latest one is No.89.  Once you click the icon, you can read it .

The contents are:

  1. New year message from the chairman of
    International Relations Committee,
    JSMCWM: Global trends on material cycles/
    waste researches and 3R International
    Scientific Conference (3RINCs)
  2. Survey of disaster waste and recycling
  3.  Recycling of Small Electronic Appliances in
  4. 2nd 3RINCs 2015
  5. Report of the International Session of the
    25th Conference of JSMCWM
  6. The 14th Expert Meeting on Solid Waste Management in Asia and Pacific Islands
  7. Joint Statement of 30 Disaster-Related
    Academic Societies of Japan Global sharing of
    the findings from the Past Great Earthquake
    Disasters in Japan
  8. Manual for analysis of radiation and
    radioactivity in wastes and related samples
    (2nd edition)
  9. A new comprehensive technical book on the
    testing methods for waste-related materials
  10. Upcoming events


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