Annual Conference of JSMCWM

The 32nd Annual Conference of JSMCWM (ONLINE) (3RINCs Autumn)
October 25-27, 2021 / Okayama

International Session

An international session (in English) has been held as part of the annual conference since 1997 in cooperation with the Korea Society of Waste Management (KSWM) based on the agreement between the two societies.

Nowadays, the International Session provides opportunities for international researchers and experts as well as international students from inside and outside Japan to present their research papers and exchange information.

【International  Session】

Oral presentation using “Zoom”

▶ Session program

  October 25AM (IA & IB)
  October 25PM (IC & International Symposium)
  October 26AM (ID & IE)

▶ Session time schedule (Preliminary, sorry in Japanese)

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▶ Instruction for presentation

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The 31st Annual Conference of JSMCWM (ONLINE)
September 16-18, 2020 / Hokkaido University, Sapporo

International Session

Hybrid poster presentation (Oral presentation + poster presentation) was held online.

▶ Session program

▶ Session time schedule



International Symposium

International Symposium in response to COVID-19 was held on 18th Sep, 2020.

Thanks to global panelists and many audience (approx. 250), the international symposium “Sound Waste Management in response to the Pandemic of COVID-19” was held.

Here we have signed the joint statement.

You can watch video at YouTube. (

Also, you can get each presentation PDFs below. 


Sound Waste Management in response to the Pandemic of COVID-19
-Country and regional reports and the joint statement from Asia and the Pacific-

COVID-19 have a major impact on the lives of people around the world. The field of Material Cycles and Waste Management is no exception, and various effects have been already reported, i. e. potentially infectious matter of waste, unfounded rumors on waste handlers, waste generation change due to new normal. Though some of them are common and some are unique to each country/region, there are many that require quick response, and it is urgent to share and exchange scientific and policy knowledge. Therefore, at this symposium, we will make a “declaration” for future cooperation following the latest commitment by international organizations and the preliminary reports from each country and region from Asia and the Pacific.

Chair: Prof. Shin-ichi Sakai, Kyoto University, JSMCWM (Japan),


1. Lecture

2. Country and regional reports

3. Discussion

4. Signing Ceremony and closing

Co-organizer : National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan


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