Material Cycles and Waste Management Research

The Latest Journal

◆Vol.34 No.2 March, 2023



  • Carbon Neutrality under a New Energy Crisis …… Kenji Yamaji 81

Special Issues: Trends and Significance of International Standardization Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

  • Activities surrounding International Standardization of Solid Recovered Fuel …… Shohjiroh Tanase, Satoshi Yoshida, Taisuke Watanabe and Katsuhiko Yoshikawa 83
  • The Evolution of Solid Recovered Material: From Fuel to Material and Beyond …… Tomonori Ishigaki 91
  • Production and Utilization of SRFs/RDFs in Europe and the Impact of the Circular Economy Package …… Kosuke Kawai 97
  • Current Value of Solid Fuel RPF and its Contribution to Solving Global Environmental Issues …… Kazuhiro Yoshitake and Keiji Tazumi 107
  • Current Issues regarding Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Utilization in Cement Manufacturing …… Kazushi Izumi, Takeru Sugisawa and Yasuyuki Ishida 116
  • Safe Handling and Storage of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) …… Taisuke Watanabe 125
  • Tunnel Composting to Turn General Waste into Solid Recovered Fuel …… Hideyuki Kamakura 129 

Report of the JSMCWM Meeting for Junior Members

  • Joint Seminar by Younger Researchers’ Associations at JSMCWM and SECE
    Application of Digital Technology to the Environment Field: Case Studies and Challenges …… Junya Yano 135

Activity Reports from the Regional Chapters

  • Activity Report of the Chugoku-Shikoku Regional Chapter …… 137
  • Activity Report of the Kansai Regional Chapter …… 138

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