Material Cycles and Waste Management Research

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◆Vol.33 No.2 March, 2022



  • More Scientific Persons in Material Cycles from Real Sites! …… Nobuhisa Watanabe 103

Special Issues : Transportation of Waste and Renewable Resources to Support a Decarbonized and Circular Economy

  • Reduction of Carbon Emission and Work Hours for Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Transportation Operations using Information and Communication Technology …… Mitsuhiro Murasaki, Risako Takahashi, Takahiro Otagaki, Yoshihiko Noguchi and Kazutoshi Manabe 105
  • The Role of the Waste Transfer and Transport System in Supporting Wide-area Waste Treatment …… Yoshiaki Hara and Mamoru Inoue 115
  • Efficiency in Long-distance Transportation of Waste and Recycled Products …… Keitaro Ikeda and Toshiki Kitai 124
  • Proposal of a Large-scale Heat Utilization System for Low-grade Unrecyclable Waste …… Minoru Fujii 136
  • Innovative Harvesting, Transport, and Yarding Systems in Forestry …… Kengo Usui 144
  • Storage and Transportation of Renewable Energy by Ammonia …… Takayuki Ichikawa 151

Report of the JSMCWM Seminar in 2021

  • Public-private Partnerships in Management of Municipal Solid Waste under Population Decrease ……Shigeko Yamaguchi 158

Activity Reports from the Regional Chapters

  • Activity Report of the Kyushu Regional Chapter …… 163
  • Activity Report of the Kansai Regional Chapter  …… 165

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