Material Cycles and Waste Management Research

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◆Vol.34 No.5 September, 2023



  • Moving into an Enlightened Future Society……Shigenori Chichibu 309

Special Issues: Emerging Movements Related to Plastic and Garbage Discharge

  • Government Efforts on Plastic Waste …… Katsunori Yano and Kazuya Sugimoto 311
  • Horizontal Recycling of Pouch …… Ryou Shibutani, Gota Katayanagi and Kenichi Miyamoto 317
  • Development of a Blockchain-based Digital Platform for Plastic Traceability …… Youichiroh Ide 326
  • Support System for Sorting Recyclable Waste using Cooperative Robot …… Hiroshi Nakano 334
  • Toward Waste-free Lifestyle with “Loop” …… Takahiro Suzuki 342
  • Progress Visualization of Litter Control Using “Pirika”, the Anti-litter Social Media App by Hyogo Plastics Material Cycles Consortium …… Mihoko Yoshida, Munehisa Okado, Yasuharu Kumabe and Shinji Takahara 347
  • Economic Approaches to Resident Awareness of Waste Reduction and Recycling …… Yuichi Ishimura 355

Report on the JSMCWM Symposium 2022 (cohosted with MOE)

  • The 1st and 2nd Symposiums on Measures to Promote Decarbonization and Reducing CO2 Emissions in the Waste Treatment System …… Shino Mohri 364

Report on the JSMCWM Seminar 2023 (cohosted with SUSPCA)

  • Seminar on Using Nudge Theory to Promote 3R and Decarbonization …… Yugo Isobe and Shigeo Kotake 370

Report of the JSMCWM Meeting for Junior Members
Joint Seminar by Younger Researcher’s Associations at SECE and JSMCWM

  • Large City Disaster and Estimating the Amount of Disaster Waste: Lesson and the Preparation of the Disaster to Learn in Tsunami and Storm Surge Disaster Prevention Station …… Shinji Mizuhara 373

Activity Reports from the Regional Chapters

  • Activity Report of the Tohoku Regional Chapter …… 374

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