Material Cycles and Waste Management Research


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◆Vol.31  No.6  November,  2020

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Waste Management and Recycling Industries in the Post Corona Era……Masaki Takaoka   397

Special Issues:
Impact on Waste Management in Japan by COVID-19: Forced Change, Evidenced Robustness, and Future Perspective

Response of the Ministry of the Environment to the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection……Yoshio Nakura and Yoichi Kamiya  399
Sorting, Storage, and Transport of Medical Waste from Japan’s First Hospital Specializing in COVID-19……Noriko Yamamoto 406
Collection and Transportation of Municipal Waste during the COVID-19 Crisis……Ryosuke Muraoka 412
Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on Waste Treatment at Infectious Waste Incineration Facility……Kenichi Hayakawa 420
Impact of COVID-19 on Plastic Recycling at the Local Government Level……Nobuhisa Watanabe 427

Activity Reports from the Regional Chapters

Activity Report of the Chugoku-Shikoku Regional Chapter…… 432



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