Material Cycles and Waste Management Research


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◆Vol.31  No.4  July 2020

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Word to Leave for Future of Material Cycles and Waste Management……Keiko Nakamura 229

Special Issues:
Toward Halving Avoidable Food Waste

International Trends in Quantification of Food Waste: SDG Target 12.3 and Beyond……Kohei Watanabe 232
Japanese Policies for Halving Food Loss and Waste and the Act on Promotion of Food Loss and Waste Reduction……Keiichi Sugita 244
Consumers and Household Food Waste: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Food Waste Reduction Interventions……Maki Nonomura 253
Towards Policy Development for Preventing Household Food Waste……Hajime Yamakawa 262
40-year Waste Compositional Analysis Reveals Trends in Generation of Kyoto Food Waste……Misuzu Asari, Junya Yano, Shinichi Sakai, Kazuki Hasegawa, Harumi Koizumi, Hiroshi Takatsuki and Kazuo Nakamura 273
Measures against Food Loss and Waste in the Retailer and Hotel-Restaurant Industries: Focus on the Food Supply Chain Relationship……Tomio Kobayashi 285
Foodbanks and Food Waste as a Means of Supporting People in Need……Junko Sato 294

Reports of the Seminar by JSMCWM Research Groups

Joint Seminar of Research Groups on Waste Management Planning and Biomass Waste
Introduction, Operation and Maintenance of Anaerobic Digestion Systems for Waste Management……Kazuei Ishii 301
Seminar of Waste Incineration Research Group
Feasibility of Co-incineration of Municipal Solid Waste and Industrial Waste in Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere Masashi Minagawa and Masaki Takaoka……  304

Activity Reports from the Regional Chapters

Activity Report of the Tokai-Hokuriku Regional Chapter……  306



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