Material Cycles and Waste Management Research

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◆Vol.32 No.6 November, 2021

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  • Chemicals Management and Material Cycles and Waste Management …… Noriyuki Suzuki 401

Special Issues : Fertilizer from Waste

  • Amendment of Fertilizer Regulation Law for the Promotion of Soil Fertility and Organic Resource Recycling …… Sumito Yasuoka 403
  • Problems of and Prospects for Organic Fertilizers Derived from Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste …… Takashi Someya 409
  • Challenges and Prospects for the Conversion of Agricultural Wastes into Fertilizer …… Shunrokuro Fujiwara 419
  • Challenges and Prospects for Utilization of Sewage Sludge Fertilizer and Compost …… Masahiko Katoh 427
  • Use of Biomass Resources as Fertilizer for Soil Fertility Management …… Itsuo Goto 435
  • Importance of Ensuring Sustainable Fertilizer Resource Management …… Kazuyo Matsubae 445
  • Future Forecast for Waste Fertilizer …… Arata Kobayashi 453

Report of the JSMCWM Seminar in 2021

  • The Correspondence to COVID-19 Crisis of Waste Treatment System in Japan …… Yumi Matsuda 464

Report of the JSMCWM Meeting for Junior Members

  • Joint Seminar by Younger Researchers’ Associations at SECE and JSMCWM
    Current Status and Challengings of Water Supply Technology and Business:
    Infrastructure Reinforcement for Guarantee of Water Quality and Quantity …… Junya Yano 467

Activity Reports from the Regional Chapters

  • Activity Report of the Kansai Regional Chapter …… 469

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