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March 2021: Special Symposium and Series of Lectures on Disaster Waste Management

March 2022: 3RINCs Creative Session “Disaster Waste Management –Developing a simulation based tool”

3RINCs Special Session: March 17, 12:30–14:00 (JST)
“Disaster waste:Towards resilient waste management”



The world is facing climate related disasters more frequently than ever. As of waste management systems, on top of the recent burning issues including achievement of carbon neutral and reduction of plastic pollution, enhancing capacity to deal with disasters and disaster wastes has become an essential. In other words, we must ensure resilience in our waste management systems for sustainable development. This is related to capacity to reduce disaster wastes, to deal with generated disaster wastes, to ensure continuity of waste management services after disasters, to seek for transformation of waste management systems after disasters, and more. This special session will invite academic professionals from disaster prone countries to share knowledge and discuss future directions on making waste management systems more resilient in Asia-Pacific.

* This session is supported by the Ministry of Environment, Japan.

Programme   *open to the public for free


    the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM)


   Name  Affiliation
   Dr. Glenn Fernandez  Rabdan Academy
   Dr. Maria Antonia Tanchuling  University of Philippines Diliman
   Dr. Awassada Phongphiphat  King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
   Dr. Shinya Suzuki  Fukuoka University
   Facilitator : Dr. Ryo Tajima  NIES(National Institute for Environmental Studies)

◆Welcome note and introduction: 12:30 – 12:45

◆Panel discussion: 12:45 – 13:55

  ・Discussion topic 1 (25 min.)
 “Is resilience important for waste management systems?”
  ・Discussion topic 2 (25 min.)
 “Can we mainstream “resilience” in waste management systems?”
  ・Wrap up

◆Final Comment


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