Disaster Waste Management

DWM in Asia and the Pacific

DWM in Asia and the Pacific

Template to assess DWM

Based upon “Disaster Waste Management Guideline for Asia and the Pacific”, we developed a template to assess the status in a country.

The contents of Template are as follows;

    1. National framework/Taskforce team setting for DWM
    2. Check-list for baseline survey after disaster
    3. Identification of priority DWs/risks and management
    4. DW amount estimation methodology
    5. DW treatment flow
    6. Operation details with necessary equipment
    7. Mapping of waste management infrastructure
    8. Others (if any)

By using this Template, you can easily check the current status, some issues to be improve.

DWM in Asia and the Pacific

We discussed with stakeholders in several countries, and tried to assess the current status by using the template.



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