Disaster Waste Management

Disaster Waste Management

Disaster Waste Management


If disasters happen, huge amount and various types of waste is generated at once. Such disaster waste might be a major hindrance against relief, recover and reconstruction. Japan, as a disaster-prone country, has been suffering from various disasters, and trying to improve DWM. We believe we could contribute to proper DWM in other countries including Asia and the pacific by utilizing those experiences and communication.
*This site is operated by Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM) and sponsored by Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan (MOEJ).

Contents of DWM Website

This website provides “Guidelines and collaboration tools” and “Useful information for DWM”.
In “Guidelines and collaboration tools”, 3 types of tools is prepared. If you would like to learn DWM, refer to “Guideline” first. And regarding some important points, “Technical references” show you details and specific methods. “DWM in Asia and the Pacific” shows specific DWM status in Asia and the Pacific in the same template.
“Useful information for DWM” also show you useful information.

Guidelines and collaboration tools


Useful information for DWM

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