International Symposium 2023


Movie of Symposium

Presentation materials

Presentation materials for the six presentations are now posted. They are available for download.

1. Recycling of Organic Resource using Information Technology in Japan: Current Status and Challenges

Presenter : Prof. Tohru KAMO , Waseda University

2. Promotion of DX on waste management and recycling through public-private partnerships

Presenter : Dr. Minoru FUJII, National Institute for Environmental Studies

3. Circular Economy with Digital Technology and Data

Presenter : Mr. Dongmin SHIN, SK ecoplant Co. ltd. , Korea

4. Hydrogen Production from Organic Waste Using Reforming Reaction

Presenter : Prof. Dae-Woon JEONG, Changwon National University, Korea

5. Reshaping Global Policies for Circular Economy

Presenter : Prof. Xianlai ZENG, Tsinghua University, China

6. Bigdata for Managing Municipal Solid Waste

Presenter : Mr. Chum BOREY, LUMA SYSTEM CO., LTD. Cambodia

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