Journal of the JSMCWM


Material Cycles and Waste Management Research

The Latest Issue

◆Vol.35 No.2 May, 2024



  • Approaches of Designers for Creating a Sustainable Society for Regional Revitalization …… Kazuhiro Nakaishi 87

Special Issues: Latest Technologies and Challenges in High-moisture Organic Waste Treatment

  • Movement and Direction of Efforts on Biomass Utilization …… Yasuo Watanabe 89
  • Efforts toward Biomass Waste Utilization and Future Initiatives for its Widespread Adoption …… Kazuhiro Takamizawa and Kiyohiko Nakasaki 99
  • Recent Trends in Methane Fermentation Technology …… Hikaru Kaneko and Hiroyuki Daimon 107
  • Utilization of Organic Wastes into Fertilizer …… Ayumi Ito and Kunihiko Suzuki 114
  • Production, Utilization, and Evaluation of Organic Waste Recycling: Highlighting the Role of Nitrogen …… Shin-ichiro Mishima 121
  • Present State of Phosphorus Recovery Technology from Organic Wastes with High Water Content …… Yutaka Dote 129
  • Solid Fuel Reprocessing from High Moisture Content Organic Waste: Technological Trends in Sludge Drying and Carbonization …… Nobusuke Kobayashi 135

Report of the JSMCWM Meeting for Junior Members

  • Joint Seminar by Younger Researcher’s Associations at JSMCWM and SECE
    Design of Onsite Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems toward Decarbonization:
    Focus on CH₄ and N₂O Emission Control and Carbon Sequestration …… Junya Yano 143

    Activity Reports from the Regional Chapters

    • Activity Report of the Kansai Regional Chapter …… 145